How To Show Likes And Dislikes of YouTube Video

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How to Show Likes and Dislikes to Public

How to show Likes and Dislikes to my video?

Some people don’t know how to show the number of likes to their videos. You can follow the following steps to change it. 

Typically you can see the amount of likes or dislikes on a video, but there are certain videos don’t show the amount of like and dislikes. Because these creators are hiding the visible amount of likes and dislikes. 

You can customize Like and Dislike settings while you uploading a video or after uploading, follow steps below:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio 
  2. From left menu tab on Content 
  3. Find the specific videos that you want to edit 
  4. Move the mouse to this video, Tab on this video or Select Details (pen icon)
  5. Under video details scroll down then click SHOW MORE.  At the end of the video details, you will see Show how many viewers like and dislike this video tick box 
  6. Tick then Save
How to show Likes and Dislikes to my video
How to show Likes and Dislikes to my video

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