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When you’re passionate about your music, you want people to hear it and you want to be able to spend as much time creating and sharing it as possible.

Spotify makes things easier but at the same time makes things harder because so many people are trying to do the same thing. When you try to build plays on Spotify on your own, the process is lengthy and you may miss out on a lot of opportunities by not having a high number of plays or plays to get noticed.

For that reason, many people have decided to buy real Spotify plays to help define their image and maintain more plays. Let LikeBuyLike help you do just that.

Buying Spotify plays to get real users to play your tracks and take advantage of all the benefits without wasting another day. Buy USA Spotify plays from LikeBuyLike will help attract more potential US audiences to listen to the tracks on your list.

Besides, get more USA  Spotify plays will make your favorite music connect with more people in the US. It not only helps your favorite music be popularized, increases prestige but also saves your time and effort.

As a new artist on Spotify, you’ve always dreamed of being in the center of your listeners’ attention. So, to get on the list with less difficulty, you can buy real Spotify playlist followers from LikeBuyLike. This saves your precious time and is of great value to a new artist. Followers show your listeners appreciation and draw attention to your profile. Which will get you more live streams on your songs and help you build your public image. So, if you buy Spotify playlist followers can help you in this case.

Buy Spotify playlist plays on LikeBuyLike’s website to listen to your music. Ideally, you should do that every time you upload a new playlist to the platform. Our prices are always affordable, so you can use our services as often as you need. The process of ordering plays will only take a minute and we won’t even ask you to create an account on our website.

Spotify monthly listeners are a measure of an artist’s popularity. “Listeners” keep track of the unique users who are playing your music. If the same player plays the same song over and over again, that person still counts as only one listener.

Listeners are tracked for a continuous 28-day period, which means someone who played your song once on the first of the month will drop from your “Monthly Listeners” metric on the 29th.

With LikeBuyLike, you can also buy Spotify monthly listeners. This will help you get the most out of the organic approach to advertising.

On other social networking sites, plays, downloads are considered signs of an artist’s popularity. It’s not quite the same with Spotify.

The creators of this platform have discovered that these can be faked, while the monthly listener count cannot. And so, the main statistical data on Spotify is not the number of plays (because one person can repeat your song many times) but the number of people doing it every month.

Loyalty is also important, but monthly listeners are much more than that.

LikeBuyLike provides Spotify Monthly Listeners in US. Many of our competitors use fake accounts, but we are 100% REAL USA. At LikeBuyLike, your satisfaction is our number one goal.

Our Best Selling Spotify Promotion Packages

Benefits of Spotify Promotion

  • Reaches more people

Music streaming platforms are flooded with active users. They are the perfect place to reach new customers. By creating playlists on these sites, users will immediately feel connected to your brand through a common interest, which is music. Once they know about your business, they’ll be able to connect further with your brand and potentially become new customers. Therefore, we can count on reaching a large audience as the primary benefit of using Spotify.

  • To learn more about your customer base

Music reveals a lot about a person. People with similar personality traits and interests often listen to the same type of music. With huge song collections and active listeners, music streaming platforms are also a great resource for analyzing your customer base. Most sites will give you access to the number of followers you have on individual playlists, along with their usernames and profiles. Use this information to your advantage and take the time to get to know your potential customers.

  • Helps You Save Time

One of the biggest things that you will have trouble growing a Spotify account, similar to any other social network, is that it will take a lot of time. The reality is that most of us still have full-time jobs, and while you can be passionate about creating your music, you have to find time between your busy schedules to make it work. This is where the Spotify advertising service comes in and you just need to focus on the fun part, which is music production.

When you have more time in your music production schedule, you’ll also be more creative and you’ll come up with even better content that your audience will love.

  • You Get a Boost

Everyone starts from zero, but some people get left behind, while others can grow their profile exponentially.

If you choose to use it alone, you may end up languishing with just a few hundred Spotify monthly listeners for years. This results in lost income, as well as the opportunity to be seen by the brand. With a Spotify promotion service, you can give your music a chance to succeed in the beginning when you are relatively unknown.

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Spotify Promotion FAQ

Yes, it is legal to buy Spotify followers. At LikeBuyLike, the team works hard to ensure that each of our social media marketing products adheres to Spotify’s current guidelines and terms of service at all times.

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy Spotify promotion services from LikeBuyLike. We own our marketing tactics that we have accumulated working with Spotify marketing campaigns for many years. You can be sure that we only use safe methods to run the marketing campaigns which make our services 100% risk-free guaranteed.

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