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To get the most out of Instagram, you need to have as many Instagram followers as possible. Many companies consider it a great way of advertising. Having a few followers just means you’re not popular enough. So, whether you’re an artist or a small entrepreneur looking to reach their business, Instagram is an ideal platform.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface to make it easy to upload photos and videos. Your Instagram account can be connected to other social networks. If you want to increase your followers in certain countries, then buying country-targeted Instagram followers, especially buying US Instagram followers, is a great choice. Having a large number of Instagram followers in the US will definitely help you boost your credibility. With an increase in US subscribers, you also increase your chances of attracting potential customers. Finally, to increase your social exposure in less time, you need to buy US Instagram followers.

How to increase followers on Instagram effectively

Optimize your Instagram account

Your Instagram account is a representation of your personality. Therefore, to attract more followers, you need to optimize it to be the most attractive. Here are a few simple criteria to ensure.

  • The account name should not be too long and contain complex special characters. This is good for users to find exactly your account.
  • Avatars should be sharp and show their own qualities.
  • Should have a brief description to create sympathy for users.
  • Prioritize to make the account public so that Instagram users can easily see the content on the IG page before clicking “follow”. Instagram now allows users to make their accounts private, if someone wants to follow, they need to send a request and be confirmed. If you want to increase your followers fast, it is best to make your account public.

Create Quality Contents

Instagram users have the mentality of going to Instagram to entertain and update new images of the people they follow. Therefore, content is the core value to keep followers. You should invest in beautiful, entertaining images and videos. At the same time, you should post funny and attractive status lines. Sometimes they don’t fall for the photo but will love the impressive caption. Once you have created sympathy with users, it will be easier for them to click follow.

Photos when posted on Instagram need the correct size 1080x1080px, 1:1 ratio to display the most complete and beautiful image.

Moreover, when there is highly viral content, there will be many pages on Facebook that can repost your content. This makes your Instagram account reach more people and potentially increase your followers better.

Posting stories Instagram

If you post too many photos on your personal page, it will cause viewers to be overwhelmed. You should post more photos and content in story Instagram. At that time, users will be more interested in watching. Currently, story Instagram also has a lot of beautiful filters, a variety of posting forms along with the option of choosing music to accompany the article. This makes the content on the story more vivid and attractive to Instagram users.

Choose a reasonable posting time

Instagram has a smaller user base than facebook, and they are most active only in the early morning and evening after work. Therefore, you should make good use of these two time frames. The peak times with the most instagram users are 6-7am and 9pm – 11pm. At that time, the user’s psychology is more comfortable, so it is easier with the content displayed on instagram. If the content is impressive and relevant to the group of people you want to target, you can increase your followers very quickly during these time frames.

Insert hashtags into posts when posting

Instagram allows displaying content on the same topic through hashtags inserted on posts. So you should also take advantage of these #hashtag trends when posting. Note that you should choose hashtags that match the content of the displayed image.

For example, if you post pictures of food, you can insert hashtags like #food, #dishes, #drinking, #delicious

Link your Instagram account to other social networks

Nowadays, a person can use many different social media accounts. Your friends may know your facebook profile but they don’t know your Instagram account so they can’t follow. So if you want to pull followers for instagram, you should insert the instagram link in the description of other social networking accounts. Especially if you have a personal blog or website, you should also insert an account to pull users from Google. When customers have searched for information on google, it means they have an interest in the content, so it is easier to track the person posting.

Cooperate with accounts with many followers

Posting pictures of celebrities or people with more followers is a clever way to PR your instagram page. Then the people who are already interested in the celebrity will be more interested in you and tend to follow you. Currently, instagram also has a suggested mode to follow when you have a mutual friend, so this is very beneficial for the development of your instagram account. This is definitely impossible if you use hack like Instagram.

Regularly interact with users on Instagram

Increasing followers on facebook is not only focusing on attracting new followers but also taking care of those who already follow. So you should also take care of interacting, commenting and mentioning your followers. Then each follower will be a channel to advertise your personal Instagram page. Pull in a large number of followers from their friends and acquaintances.

Take comments on celebrity accounts

A celebrity is someone who has built a successful personal brand on Instagram and has a huge followers. The fact that you often comment and have the top comments of many people interested in these accounts will attract the attention of Instagram users. Then the number of people who know you will be more, increasing the number of followers is also easier.

However, you should comment funny, polite and avoid spam too much. This will cause aversion to users and follow-up will be counterproductive.

Above are the ways to increase followers on Instagram effectively and completely free. It will not cost you anything to Instagram followers or run ads. Just skillfully researching user psychology and creating impressive content, you can attract many more followers.

Buy Instagram Followers

Besides, you can buy followers on Instagram with cheap and fast delivery. Buying Instagram followers has a lot of benefits. Maybe you are looking for an inexpensive, fast and easy way to get a few thousand followers to join a new account. Or maybe you’re looking to grow your existing Instagram account.

Bloggers, brands, companies, celebrities and influencers often use this tactic to boost their social media standing. They do this because they recognize the importance of awareness on social media platforms like Instagram. Over a billion people use Instagram every month, which means it’s a highly competitive space. Follower count is an important metric used by all Instagram users to determine if your account is worth their time.

The more followers you have, the more desirable your account will seem and the more you will be seen on Instagram. Buying Instagram followers is unquestionable as it helps you get noticed, engage more, and enhance your status and influence on one of the most prominent social media platforms world.

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You can find your Instagram account’s username on the Instagram desktop or mobile app.

To find your Instagram username on desktop:

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  2. Click your profile picture in the top right corner, then click User icon Instagram Services Profile.
  3. Your username will be shown at the top of your profile. Or in the browser address bar, copy the URL.

Any numbers or punctuation marks (for example, username.123) are included in your username.

Note: Make sure that you’re on your Instagram business account if you want to find your business username. If you’re on your Instagram personal account, tap your personal username at the top of your profile to select your business account from the list.


To find your Instagram username on the mobile app:

  1. Open the Instagram mobile app.
  2. Tap on User icon Instagram Services or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  3. Your username will be shown at the top of your profile. Or in the browser address bar, copy the URL.

Any numbers or punctuation marks (for example, username.123) are included in your username.

Note: Make sure that you’re on your Instagram business account if you want to find your business username. If you’re on your Instagram personal account, tap your personal username at the top of your profile to select your business account from the list.